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Social Media Is Not Your Life, It’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Social Media is not your life, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Iceberg has 10-20% visibility on the top above the water but the remaining 80% -90% is beneath the water. Likewise curated lives of individuals posted on social media just present a slice of life, not the complete life. It shows less but hides many.
Our minds instantly get swept away by glossy visuals while the non-viewed things may have lots to tell. Life throws challenges for everybody but all those trying times and hardships are not displayed on social media. What is always projected is the rosy side. This creates a false impression. It always makes you feel, life is so good for everybody while for you it sucks!
This comparison drives depression as you are unable to get a view of both sides of life. Social Media is just for a rosy element. Do not take it as a judgment and decisive thing in your life. Watch my video for more details.


Sonali Bhatia – Thts well said n true to today’s times!
Shibbu Patel –  Great piece! Absolutely! Social Media is not a life.
Shailesh Patil – Wow! Great Thought on Social media Sir…. Lots of people think that it’s life….😁
Neha Patel – Thank you for such a wonderful information on Social Media Uses. Indeed! It’s true. 👌
Shailesh Patil –  Its the biggest problems of today #generation
Rossie William – Again! Nice Thought Dr! Agreed on your opinion on Social Media Use.
Ritesh Gunwani – It’s 💯 percent true.
Analiza Aguirre – Very well said!
Shamila B –  Its the biggest problems of today #generation
Karanza D –  Its the biggest problems of today #generation

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