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A Glimpse Of Tomorrow’s Corporate Wellness Trends

Recently, I have been delivering several custom-made corporate wellness programs, this clearly indicates that more and more organizations are gearing up for occupational wellness of team members.
I have been creating guide and videos on this subject, have shared stories and material. Below are some trends you would love to read and share with your colleagues.
Corporate wellness is on the way to reset with the waning of traditional working models. Newer workplaces would evolve. Employee-employer relationship to be significant in corporate wellness programs.

A Glimpse of tomorrow’s Corporate Wellness Trends:

1. Flexi-working – the new normal working model
2. Workplace burnout continues to be worrisome
3. Mental and financial wellness to take the center stage in Corporate wellness
4. A holistic approach to employee wellness – the emerging Corporate Wellness model
5. Traditional Corporate wellness programs will disappear – Tele-wellness to gain traction
6. Understanding the science of ‘care’ and ‘compassion’.
7. Companies to focus on Default Wellness Culture
8. Extending the helping hand for the employees’ work-life balance
9. Evolution of Wellness Leadership
10. Integration of medical and wellness practices.
Stay tuned for our upcoming video on Corporate Wellness Masterclass.


Shailesh Patil – much need such masterclass for a happy #corporatelife
Rossie William – Well described Dr. Corporate Wellness Guide. Much awaiting your upcoming videos.
Shailesh Patil –  Excellent guide on Corporate Wellness. Everyone need this.👌👌👌
Saif A –  Amazing insight guide on #corporatewellness


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