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My Speech At Global Healthcare Travel Council, Amman Jordan

Here is video from my speech at @GHTC global healthcare travel council Amman Jordan. Its about how to identify (find) and engage Customer. Must watch video for anyone running business. Please share your thoughts.




Deepak Khatri –  Supar Duper Dr  Prem Jagyasi
Mohd Wasim Ghori –  A satisfied customer is the Greatest Ambassador for Businesses across different industries. Congratulations Dr.  Prem Jagyasi
Shereen Abu Manneh –  It was a great speech 😊 we look forward to see u again in coming conferences.
Abdallah Ali Hindawi –  Great speech Prem Jagyasi though I missed it live, anyway it was great opportunity to meet in India and Lebanon conferences and to share thoughts. Want to add to thoughts what we previously discussed that innovation and technology will be an important aspect for engagement with clients and it is really the global Healthcare Travel future.
Fouad Qattan –  Amira Fouad Qattan
Fouad Qattan – Jude F. Qattan
Rajesh Shah –  Superb … Truly valuable
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