Bioli Medical Wellness Resort

Just 15 km away from Tbilisi, I went to this place called the Bioli Medical Wellness Resort. At first, I thought it would be like any other medical tourism resort, but to my amazement, it turned out to be this incredible place. You see, people rarely understand the meaning of medical wellness. The facilities, provisions, and equipment need to be at par and must excite the visitor.
Well, to my surprise, as I went inside, I found medical services and facilities of supreme quality. I must say, Bioli is the pride of Tbilisi, Georgia. There, I met Dr. Nino Nakashidze, who explained to me all the variety of services that they provide in terms of physical wellness, mental wellness, equipment, etc.
And the food there, so scrumptious! I tasted the herbal food and the apple baked chicken was the most exceptional dish for me. The beautiful herbal plantation was extremely amazing and I was just amazed looking at how beautiful it is.
The magnificence of this resort is that it is spread in a huge area. Every single room is beautifully and elegantly done and I had a great time. I was just looking at nature around. I was walking around and it was a great feeling. I highly recommend going to Tbilisi Georgia and experiencing the unparalleled medical wellness facilities and proficiencies that the resort has to offer.
Thank you

Nino Gujejiani
Paata Ratiani
Ketevan Tsaava
Eka Neparidze

for helping me experience Georgia.


Taoufik Mhenni –  Yes very we have in Morocco a very good center of health care and wellness
Ketan Shah  –  Lovely hospital doc

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