When You Can’t Go Outside It’s Time To Go Inside

Friends, let’s do this together. When we can’t go outside let’s try to go inside. Who is with me? Ready to explore the inner world.
Also, If you think meditation is a really complex thing and it’s not for you, here are few tips and common myths about meditation.
Know what is meditation
Meditation is an intricate science of gradual spiritual awareness.
Let go
You also must learn to let go, in order to meditate. That is very important to help retain your heart and mind at peace, thus leading towards stabilizing your spiritual energies.
Watch your breath
A careful watch over the breathing patterns during meditation is one of the most prevalent practices. Constant watch over the slow inhaling and exhaling of air through your lungs helps you meditate in a better way.
Stretch the muscles
Stretching is very necessary to reset the body-mind coordination. Meditation after a small stretching session will help you better.
Be comfortable and relaxed.
The best Asana or posture to meditate and also the most common one is the Sukh Asan (the Pleasant Posture). However, you don’t need to be a yoga expert to meditate. Important is that you be relaxed. It helps us to have a deeper experience. You can sit cross-legged on a chair, on a sofa – it is all fine.
Keep chanting a hymn/song
The music-induced into a tried and tested mantra or a short soulful song, can really bring about your spiritual attention to your mental processes without too much of rigid effort. The mantra can be small, but powerfully peaceful words as well, like, “Om”, “Peace”, “Love”, and “Relax” etc.
Be committed. Be regular
Meditation could be done at any time of the day. Whenever you feel peaceful and your nerves are at rest, that is the requisite and the perfect disposition to meditate successfully. This time could be at any hour of the day but most preferable are the early morning hours.
Begin with short duration
Try to fix yourself a comfortable duration of time to meditate without any hiccups, but preferably a short time of 15-20 minutes for the beginners.
Myth – Meditation is controlling thoughts
Thoughts do not come to us by invitation. We become aware of them only after they have arrived. Thoughts are like clouds in the sky. They come and go on their own. To control your thoughts involves effort, and the key to a relaxed mind is effortlessness.
Myth – Meditate only at certain times, facing certain directions, listening to certain music.
Anytime is a good time for meditation and all directions are good for meditation. Meditation is the golden key to those gates of spiritual bliss and contentment. What needs to be understood is that the path to meditative fulfillment requires utmost patience.
So are you with me? Let’s do it.


Prakash Gupta  –  Exactly, I think, we are having one of the best times for meditation, when there is nothing to worry about!
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