Self-Care and Self-Love Become an Important Wellness Practices

Self Care and Self Love now has become an Important Wellness Practice.
Self-care and self-love are all about doing things that make you truly happy; it’s about pampering yourself. It’s about making a commitment to doing things that make you healthy and happy as an everyday practice.
According to me, Self Love and Self Care have now taken a gigantic step into wellness. We are continuously evolving as a species and embracing the concept of overall wellness. Now we are ready to explore all dimensions of wellness
More and more people are taking up the concept of self-care and self-love as important wellness practices.
At first, we placed too much concentration on doing activities that pushed us out of our comfort zone and drove us towards exhaustion. But now it’s changing.

Here are 5 Top self-care wellness trends that I have evaluated in recent times, from my speeches in over 65 countries.

1. Experiential wellness
2. Taking time out to sleep more
3. Concepts like – Hygge, the Danish obsession with getting cozy is spreading in the world
4. Emotional wellness
5. Complementary and alternative medicine
In Fact, we have put more than 300 therapies on Dr Prem Wellness Guide to help you explore the benefits and practices of various wellness therapies.
Self-care and self-love are all about putting yourself first.
It’s giving yourself permission to exist fully and wholly.
It’s about learning to give time to yourself to unwind and relax, learning to accept that it’s okay to make mistakes.
So take up self-care and self-love as a great wellness practice. A way to reconnect with your mind, body and soul.
An ultimate path to live a great life you deserve.


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