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My Interview With Gražvydas Om From LITCARE Lithuania

My Interview with Gražvydas Om from LITCARE Lithuania where we talked about many burning subjects and how current crisis are bringing major paradigm shift to many industries. This was one great discussion.




Saif A –  Amazing session sir
Karanza D –  Very informative
Usman Isah –  Dr. Prem Jegasy honestly you are really making us proud in this industry. Weldon
Sunil Zadane –  Intelligent, Thoughtful, Classy!
Md Afzal Siddiqui –  Wellness and yoga will reduce the anxiety
Prince Raj –  Very impressive! Sir..And great answer
Subash Sahu Subash –  Outstanding Speach………
Piyush Khan –  Wow! That’s awesome!
Nandini Moulik –  Wonderful insights
Manalisha Sahoo –  Good work sir
Rudra Samal –  Amazing 😍 sir ….
Nikita Panda –  This is amazing
Tapas Sahoo –  Keep up the good work!
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