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Dr Prem’s Masterclass Insights -Why Medical Wellness is the Future of Medical Tourism?

Why Medical Wellness is the Future of Medical Tourism?

The future of medical tourism is in the hands of wellness. Today, medical tourism needs better solutions that would add more value to the patient’s journey. Wellness integrated into medical tourism provides great opportunities to enhance patient experience and treatment outcomes. Do you know wellness impacts patients’ happiness index to a great extent leading to speedier recovery?

The video explains the interesting aspects of wellness in medical tourism and how businesses can tap this growing opportunity.

The medical tourism industry will become medical wellness tourism where people will not only seek medical treatments but also experience holistic healing amid amazingly relaxing settings. It is the great global wellness reset that is driving medical tourism to create great experiences. Patients’ perceptions of health and well-being have undergone a massive change.

Nothing matters more than sustainable well-being to live a fulfilling life free from disease scare. And cutting-edge medical technology alone cannot cater to these emerging demands.

Wellness tourism, a $720 billion market in 2019, set to touch $1.1 trillion in 2025 (as per the GWI report), is much bigger than the medical tourism industry.

Wellness is a $4.3 trillion industry. And last but not the least, a recent GWI study showed spending on wellness has a positive outcome on happiness and life expectancy. People are spending more for delightful wellness experiences! 90% of patients found post-wellness experiences amazing. How to create these delightful wellness experiences?

The future of medical tourism will see massive integration of wellness tailormade to the unique needs of the patient. Today, we find physicians and doctors in wellness resorts. Similarly, we will see more wellness therapists, coaches, and guides in specialty healthcare facilities. Watch the video for valuable insights to stand out in your medical tourism and wellness tourism business.

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Very Helpful to the upcoming businesses.


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Medical wellness will have a much bigger impact on global healthcare than we can envisage.

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