Lockdown is the Blessing, I Needed

Lockdown is the blessing, I needed.
I know how many people are hating lockdown. Personally, I am quite enjoying this time of my life. I must agree that this lockdown is the blessing, I needed from the universe. In the first two months of 2020, I traveled to eight countries, and my trips to more than 20 countries were scheduled for the rest of the year already. With such a success, pace, and buzz there was no time for me to fine-tune, relearn, and re-evaluate in my life. Now that my travel is halted, It has been a tremendous period for me, where I am able to rework on myself.
“When you can’t go outside, how about exploring the inner universe, it has far more potential than the external world can ever offer.”
If I haven’t improved myself during this lockdown, I would have definitely missed the greatest opportunity of my life. Lockdown taught me that cutting down the pint of habits that didn’t make sense has now actually started making sense. I have done one important thing in my life and business. I have cut down everything from my life, habits, and routine that didn’t make sense.
For example, On my site DrPrem .com we have over 100,000 guideposts, in two months we have deleted, recycled, and cleaned up over 40,000 guides. Feeling leaner and better already and our ranking and traffic is just booming, we are still doing good as a business.
And, it’s just beginning. I see a bright light already. Light is necessary for all our lives, even if it’s coming through the cracks of a windowpane with sheer curtains.
Stay inspired folks. Let me know what you think. Let’s chat this weekend. Let’s explore the inner universe together.


Pasang Sherpa –  Totally agreed, this is a great opportunity for all of us to work on our personal development mentally and physically!!🤩
Sudha Salian –  Discovering myself during this Lockdown …. Wiping the dust from the talents I have and Sharpening my skills …
Zohra Mhamdi –  Totally agree with you Prem. Inspiring as usual. Take good care.
Yogesh Chauhan II  –  I am thinking lockdown as an opportunity in which I can explore my self better than other time periods.
Debraj Shome – Take care, chief. I agree with you 100%.
Saif A – Amazing Sir!
Vrajkishor Dhyani – You r fully justified sir!

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