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How To Pronounce Ljubaljana

At Ljubljana.
I know you have two questions in your mind:
1) how to pronounce Ljubaljana and
2) where the hell this gorgeous city is?
Well it’s pronounced as “Lub-Lee-Yana” and it’s capital city of most famous greenest country on earth “Slovenia”.
Did you notice word “love” in sLOVEnia? It’s truly a city with love. Infact it’s the European City where Fairytale begins. It’s so Eco-friendly that you can drink water from any tap.
I stayed at Garden Resort Village in Bled, most amazing green tent and treehouse resort in europe. I could pick vegetables and fruits from garden and eat without washing.
Will share several pics, reviews and stories soon.
How To Pronounce Ljubaljana - Dr Prem Jagyasi
How To Pronounce Ljubaljana – Dr Prem Jagyasi
How To Pronounce Ljubaljana - Dr Prem Jagyasi 1
How To Pronounce Ljubaljana – Dr Prem Jagyasi 1
How To Pronounce Ljubaljana - Dr Prem Jagyasi 2
How To Pronounce Ljubaljana – Dr Prem Jagyasi 2


Olga Myschkovskaya –  Enjoy sLOVEnia!
Imran Khan –  Prem bhaiya
Sourav Gupta –  Amazing. .lovely photographs Prem Jagyasi
Sanjay Pattani –  Lovely pics Prembhai. It makes me very eager to visit this lovely place.
Jayanthi Prem –  So beautiful, definitely a place to go
Prakash Gupta –  Beautiful Place!
Zohra Mhamdi –  Waooo Prem what a Nice and inspiring place !!!
Ufuoma Okotete-Awomosu – Dr Prem  I am so jealous of you right now..
This looks like heaven and I should be there😎😘. Thanks for sharing… it’s now on my bucket lists.
Vidula Kanyal –  Amazing pics !!
Carolynn Younghusband –  How incredible! THis may be a new place for me to visit!!!!
Lata Navlani –  No other word than wow.
Kishore Jagyasi –  Incredible doc!
Muzzammil Anzer –  Amazing photographs

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