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Do You Know Social Media is A Big Reason For Depression?

Do you know social media is a big reason for depression? As it creates a false positive emotion. We all love browsing and putting our views on every post of social media. In several recent studies, teenage and young adult users who spend the most time on Social media were shown to have a substantially higher rate of reported depression and mental disorders than those who spent the last time. False positivity can perpetuate a lot of the stigma around mental illness. Encouraging someone who has depression to focus on the positive is not helpful and can actually do more harm.
Watch this video to know how to overcome this false positive image. #drprem #falsepositive #emotion #feelings #socialmedia #depression #fake #carveyourlife #positive #negative #life#digitaldetox


Kishore Jagyasi  –  Absolutely agreed doc!
Jarow Bodo  –  Truly Appreciate with ur thoughts… Really Motivates Sir!!!
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