Corona Mystery is Getting Unfolded

So Corona mystery is getting unfolded. Were you thinking why Corona only infects the population in western countries and only in the elder generation? Here is an early clue.
The new research is suggesting that the countries that have given BCG vaccine to the population are better immune to Corona Virus and such countries have a lesser mortality rate. For instance, it’s mandatory in Africa and India so that’s why very little cases. India started vaccination in 1949 so 97% population has this vaccination. Many countries started BCG late like Iran they started in 1984 hence most of the population is not immune hence high cases.
Moreover, It’s not mandatory in many developed countries like USA, Italy, France and hence you see a massive amount of cases. Also, our elder generation didn’t get such vaccine and hence they are more likely to have severe effects.
Just so you know BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is an anti-tuberculosis (TB) vaccine. BCG vaccine contains a live, weakened strain of Mycobacterium Bovis, a cousin of M. tuberculosis, which is the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.
It’s not an antiviral vaccine so it doesn’t give complete protection but in general, it gives better immunity. But people with weak immunity or multiple medical conditions (like diabetes, hypertension) still have the risk of having severe conditions.
So if you have this kind of scar on your arm maybe you have better immunity to fight Corona Virus. I am sure the massive population across the world has got this vaccine and might have better immunity. Still, let’s maintain social distance and follow precautions.
Please these are early research findings and not a replacement of any medical advice. Please do follow the precautions suggested by your health authorities.


Mac Mushtaq Fadra –  Large clusters of the Indian population in the U.S. that have BCG injections from India are getting infected with COVID due to lack of social distancing and preventive measures.
Kharebadze Lado –  same in Georgia also. we have BCG vaccination and it`s mandatory in our country. so, maybe it is one of the reason that we have so few cases. Thank You Dr. Prem!
Eka Neparidze  –  Hello dear Prem. Always glad to hear from you and listening interesting ideas. I agree with opinions about BCG vaccination want to share your thoughts about Georgian example. The situation here sound hopeful and most of Georgia’s population are vaccinated on BCG
Jaskaran Singh Thind  –  Is there any scientific evidence to support that theory?
Sarah Shah  –  I love and appreciate that you share so many hypotheses for what’s being tossed around. This free thinking allows #IndependentThinkers to come up with ground breaking ideas! ♥️n☀️🙏🏻
Jaskaran Singh Thind  –  Some facts: In August 1948, the first BCG vaccinations were conducted in India. The work on BCG had started in India as a pilot project in two centres in 1948. In 1949, the BCG vaccination was extended to schools in almost all States of India.
Mia Mime Penović  –  It is mandatory in our country, it was even in the old regim and everyone in our country has it, the old and the young and so far we have 867 confirmed cases of corona, suspected to be more so I am not so sure about this theory 👀
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