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A Quick Guide To Wellness Resort Design By Dr Prem

With the context of trends and the remarkable growth of wellness resorts, how much influence can design have on our well-being? How can design go beyond what is now considered standard amenities?
Here is my 4’s wellness resort design – Space, surroundings, sound, and services guide to consider in the project’s pre-design and concept development which will also help you to build sustainable and mind-blowing designs embracing corporate wellness philosophy.
Infusing wellness into design strategy is a subtle process with smart planning, programming, and technology that remain invisible but trigger a feel for well-being.
Wellness is more of a sensory experience. Understanding the need for sensory experiences and enhancing it through interactions with the surroundings is the cornerstone of wellness resort architecture. I believe Wellness resort design has been evolving beyond the typical architecture and interior décor to a deeper understanding of the inter-dependency of nature and human beings.


Rossie William – Great Explained…. Wellness Resorts, a good business option nowadays. Thanks for sharing good business thoughts.
Nandini Moulik –  Wellness-infused design forms the prime attraction of a wellness resort.
Shailesh Patil –  Wow! That’s awesome! Amazing Video on Wellness Resorts.
Karanza D –  Thank you so much for such an amazing explanation on #resortdesign
Sanket Nagulpelli –  Superb Explained. I would like to share it with due credits to you.
Aameel Shaikh –  Nice… How amazingly explained everything ✌️
Aman Jha –  very godd video
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