I am Locked Down But My Aspiration Is Free To Fly Out & Reach Heights

Are you locked down? Then let’s fly out. A man fell into a deep hole. He tried and tried again but he couldn’t come out, was depressed and felt he’ll be there for the rest of his life. Then a sandstorm came throwing sand on him. His first thought was that he is going to be buried under the sand. Suddenly, a second thought came to his mind that this might be a blessing:

Why don’t I use fresh sand to create some steps? He did so and made all the steps that helped him get out of the hole. If you were thinking that you were already down in your career or business and this lock-down has taken away your freedom, believe me, it hasn’t.

Consider this lock-down as a blessing for you. Your capable self is still free to fly out and reach newer heights. Use this time wisely to build those steps of success for you, improve your skills, create connections, develop strategies, find new ventures, go inwards, do everything that you need to do but just don’t think that such lock-downs could limit you in any way. Let your aspirations fly out and reach new heights.

So if you are with me, write this in your comment – “I will fly out”.



Svetlana Sheveleva  =  We will fly out together!
Maggie Tan –  I will fly out too!
Tatyana Sokoloff – I will fly out.
Stefano Urbani –  I will fly out! :))
Deepak Khatri – I will fly out.
Trilokinath Singh – Much incepretion this story.
Gely Katsapi – I will fly out… with my companion “Carve your life”
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