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Carve Your Life – A Lean Way To Live A Great Life

TedxTalk – Friends here is my TedxTalk Video – “You are not just a body in this universe, you are a gigantic universe within your body”. Carve Your life – a lean way to live a great life. https://youtu.be/AKBgQndLLt4
Request you to please share with your social network as it has great message in it.


Nehal D –  its amazing talks Prem Jagyasi  #drprem
Shailesh Patil –  Amazing thoughts
Priya Pandey –  Amazing sir, great achievements👍👍 congratulations
Kishore Jagyasi –  Phenomenal doc!
Sajal Jajoo –  Very inspiring
Carolynn Younghusband –  Well done! WOuld love to talk and share stories!
Mriga Krishan –  Prem Jagyasi  vvvvv inspiring
Jenny Dodson –  Enjoyed it Dr. Prem.
Dolly Khatri –  Really you great bhai very inspiring thoughts
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