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How China’s Approach To Internet Is Leading To Knowledge Deficiency?

Recently I visited China, I was out of touch with the world as I couldn’t access to Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and even Wikipaedia. Here is my extensive article about How China’s approach to internet leading to knowledge deficiency. https://www.linkedin.com/…/how-chinas-approach-internet…

China, a country of rich cultural heritage, huge economic possibilities, emerging as one of the leaders in world ecommerce yet so surprisingly cut off from the world in some ways. This is exactly what has been bothering me since my recent trip to China. The Chinese government has methodically one by one blocked the major social media websites in China including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I even struggled to browse wikipedia in china. They may have justified socio-political reasons to do so yet such an approach makes me worry about the educational future of younger generations.





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