Dr Prem Jagyasi – Bagatin Clinic Is Case Study For Global Healthcare Excellence

It is just over two years since I became aware of the potential of Croatia’s medical tourism industry after a chap with a hard-to-pronounce first name beginning with ‘O’ invited me to visit some of Zagreb’s top clinics and hospitals.

It has been a pleasure watching the Bagatin Clinic story grow since then, but while my perspective of Bagatin’s success is from within the borders of Croatia, where does it stand on the global stage? Rather well, it appears, according to leading international medical tourism speaker, Dr Prem Jagyasi is a recent TCN interview.

Dr Prem Jagyasi - Bagatin Clinic Case Study bagatin-clinic-dr-prem-jagyasi bagatin-clinic-dr-prem-jagyasi_4

Congratulations Ognjen Bagatin and perfect timing. Now you can take some time off for the olive harvest next week.


Ognjen Bagatin –  Thank you Dr.  Prem Jagyasi  and thank you  Paul Bradbury   for your kind words🙏🏻🏆👌🏻 I will get some time off when Croatia doubles its GDP per capita😇 until then🚀🚀🚀
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