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Self-Love At It Best By Dr Prem Jagyasi

Self-love at it best. Self-love is best prescription to help you stay away from mental disorders. Use self-love as a healer for yourself.
Self-love is the power that develops self-esteem in a person. If a person loves himself for whatever god has blessed him with, he values his assets and qualities, and appreciates his efforts; he will certainly be the happiest person alive loaded with zeal, enthusiasm, and ideal self-esteem.
High self-esteem does not mean that one starts bragging about oneself and think that he is perfect because nobody on this earth is perfect but it is all about accepting your imperfections and putting in all efforts to come over those imperfections.
Having a low self-esteem is a major cause of depression and other anxiety disorders in people today.
Just love yourself without being a narcissist. I will be happy to share an article if you wish to learn more.


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