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FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

FOMO – Fear of missing out is social anxiety stemming from the belief that others might be having fun while the person experiencing the anxiety is missing them. Not catching up with social media updates or refraining from regular positing creates this fear of missing out in life.
It seems to be an extension of social standing and inclusion. Especially, younger adults are vulnerable to this feeling.
Am I being forgotten? This question haunts their minds in every simple instance. It heightens anxiety, insomnia, lack of concentration, and over-dependency on social media by increasing users’ ability to keep up to date with the activities of their social circles.
Curated lives posted on social media just present a slice of it. It shows less but hides many. Life throws challenges for everybody but all those trying times and hardships are not displayed on social media.
Another dangerous consequence of this comparison is seen in teenagers who always suffer from a poor self-image. The more they see filtered images on social media which seem to be prettier, thinner, richer, and popular more they get depressed about their self appearance and self-esteem.

Is it tough to beat social media-induced depression?

No, it is not. Just by reducing social media usage, one can improve his/her mental wellbeing a lot. It is not abstinence but judicious usage that matters. Just look at other aspects of life or explore some hidden avenues, you will be overwhelmed with the new revelations.


Nandini Naharoy Moulik 

You got that right
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Amazing video
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Great topic!
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That was great👌
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Much need such topic video
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