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How I Read 3-4 Books A Day By Dr Prem

Here is How I read 3-4 Books a Day (or definitely 100 books a month).

As the Plato said “Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – PLATO”
How I Read 3-4 Books A Day By Dr Prem Jagyasi
How I Read 3-4 Books A Day By Dr Prem Jagyasi
How I Read 3-4 Books A Day By Dr Prem Jagyasi 1
How I Read 3-4 Books A Day By Dr Prem Jagyasi 1

If you are voracious book reader like me? Here are tips.

A. Try Blinkist, it’s a great book summary app. They summarize entire book in few pages that you can finish in few minutes. You can actually read 4 book summary a day. You can send book to kindle or read/listen on iPhone.
B. Some books are to be tasted, some for to be chewed and only very few are to be digested. So select books wisely and browse through books first before giving serious reading.
C. Apart of Blinkist I also have kindle unlimited which gives me access to millions of books. At just few dollar a month I get massive access.
D. I have personal collection of over 5000 eBooks, I have built this collection in last ten years, you could also build a collection of choice gradually. I also write book reviews so I get more free books to read. More you share more you get. 🙂
E. Don’t aim to read books to remember every word, aim to take nutrition from chapters to build your knowledge. Read as fast as you can, it in fact helps you to process information better.
G. Create account on goodreads. It will suggest you books based on your interest and your own reviews. It’s an awesome tool and great community.
H. Every night I spent at least an hour or two to read books on my kindle. This habit also help me to go to deep sleep early. It’s easy to create a good habit.
I. Use technology to make note. My kindle helps me to make notes easily which I can access later at anytime.
Wishing you happy reading time.



Santosh Shetty –  That’s Super points….will try to use it
Prem Jagyasi –  Santy, glad if you could use some points.
Arpitha Velanky –  wow nicely put doc. Good tips motivates people to read more books

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