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The Best Thing Of My Life Is The Life Itself

“People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone… truth is, you knew what you had, you just thought you’d never lose it.”
“Most of the people who don’t express much are the ones who are too afraid of being taken for granted.” “At times in life, we take our blessings for granted.”
To all my wonderful friends, family, colleagues, and Naman and Manan. Please allow me to say that I
Love You. I might not be here tomorrow, and I might have not expressed my love enough for you but my love for you will always remain sound and around. And I won’t take you for granted ever! Stay blessed and have a great weekend!!!
Missing you Aashkar Raja!!! And you know that you showered blessing with all of us with time and love you have to us. Sorry if we ever took you for granted!!! Rest in peace our divine friend!
PS: please post a pic of someone you dearly love with a comment.
Remembering you all and praying for your strength!
Farhan Asif Khan
Firdaus Hassan
Khushbu Chauhan Devda
Mriga Krishan
Sarfaraz Sheikh
Kapil Gupta
Sudha Pujari
Supriya Mukerji
Anuj Sharma
Manoj Maurya
Imran Khan
Farhan Asif Khan
Shammi Devda
Wasim Mulla
Shakil Khan
Iqbal Hassan
Rafat Asif Khan


Sudha Salian  –  Aashkar Raja  You are remembered with fond memories. I am following what you taught me, ” A part of maturity is learning to Love some people from a distance….To keep their well-being in your prayers but take a path away from them “. I love you mere bhai, no matter how far u are I love you from bottom of my heart. Sorry if I ever took you for granted. You are my favourite soul and you know that ❤❤❤
Tasneem Hussain –  Sometimes Life is really unexpected. I got shocked when i came to know about this amazing pure soul and a younger brother… to whom i used to discuss any thing about my life and in return he always supported me for all my future goals… i got speechless and blank when my mom told me about this. Firstly I didn’t believed her.. This is one of the biggest mis happening of my life to lose a brother, friend, well wisher, like Aashkar Raja,luv you beta from the bottom of my heart.. i pray for you continuously to have glorious place in Jannat. May Allah give Sabr to everyone we all will do Dua for you and your family’s peace specially lovingly shaishta aunty…
Imran Khan –  bichhḌā kuchh is adā se ki rut hī badal ga.īik shaḳhs saare shahr ko vīrān kar gayā
Anna Guchok –  Let all stay blessed 🙏

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