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Forum For Better Dentistry In Hyderabad India By IDA

Dr Prem Jagyasi delivered a keynote at Forum for Better Dentistry In Hyderabad India – An Event Supported by

INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION and Dental Council of India | Here is video https://youtu.be/VsyXHCIICgA
In this video, Dr Prem explains what is dental tourism and why its growing significantly. He also briefly explains various destinations promoting Dental Tourism.
Finally he comes up with exclusive 7P’s that will help you establish Dental Tourism Business.
Read more about – Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism Guide | http://drprem.com/medical-tourism
Dental Tourism is moving forth at a phenomenal pace to become one of the latest and fastest growing industries. In recent years, Dental Tourism industry is doing well in keeping pace with the hopes of dental patients, expectations of dental tourism facilitators, and the upward urge to succeed of dental services providers around the world.




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