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The largest and most luxurious brothels of the world

<![CDATA[Prostitutes or sex workers are women who have been a part of the human civilization since times immemorial. Although in many countries, this is still considered as a social taboo and is looked utterly down up on, some other countries, recognize prostitution as completely legal and hence, the brothel business is growing tremendously with a large turn over each year.

These brothels and bordellos, offer their clienteles unique and amazing high-end services that make their business doing well. Given below is a list of such luxurious and most expensive brothels around the globe.

Pascha, Germany

Image Source : Telegraph.Co.Uk

The German craving can be guessed from the fact that the city of Cologne owns a complete 12 storey building dedicated to whoring. This famous house of ill repute is home to 120 prostitutes that pacify around 1,000 customers every day. This building features 3 separate floors dedicated for cheap fun, transsexuals and porn video making each and a restaurant, bars and a fast food center too.

The most surprising deals offered at this unique bordello include “money back guarantee” in case the customer is not satisfied and discounted afternoons for people above 65 years of age.

The Site, Australia

Image Source : News.Com.Au

Located inside the city of Sidney in Australia, The Site is an amazing brothel in the world, where you can have adult fun with almost any kind of women on the globe right from the African to the Brunette to the Australian. These women are completely healthy too. This luxury bordello offers you variety of services that completely match your preferences and taste.

Big Sister, Czech Republic

For the eager and excited “peeping Toms” there could be no other brothel; better than this one located at the Czech Republic. This amazing whorehouse has alluring Czech and Slovak ladies to serve their customers in the best way possible, however, with one interesting condition. The clientele need to agree to get their intense act video-taped and broadcasted to some viewers. In a nutshell, you can imagine of it as a reality TV shoe based on sex which can be viewed both, online and through satellite cable channels across Europe.

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Image Source : Flickr│Patrik Ragnarsson

Bangkok has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world due to its amazing attractions and services that include luxury brothels and bordellos. Nana Entertainment Plaza is a 4 storey sex hub dedicated to having sexual enjoyment which is completely legal. This consists of several bars and bar strippers and the most amazing thing is that the customers can directly deal with the prostitutes.

For those who want to have a professional service even at a bordello these 4 places are simply out of the best ones for you to enjoy and have fun in a legal way.]]>


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