Without giving enough time and efforts, you cannot build a great brand. A carved out brand requires you to monitor and promote it wonderfully after you lay its foundation. Thus, you have to be reactive in an active manner. However, it is quite difficult to keep a pace with a variety of things happening all around you.

Thus, automation becomes an obvious requirement in today’s competitive world of personal branding. Check out here some tech tools that can make your task easier and help you create an effective brand.

Evernote Premium

efficient networking

In previous days, networking was easier through handwritten notes and cards. However, you now need advanced tech tools like Evernote Premium to make your networking efficient. This wonderful tool has the feature of card scanning through which the detailed information about your fresh LinkedIn contacts goes easily into your contacts database.

In addition to card scanning, you can use it to scan or add several other types of notes to custom folders. Store any article, image, audio clip or document that your contacts may find helpful. You can use this tool on Apple, as well as Android devices. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Social Mention

content is the king

This is a strong tool to be used for brand monitoring. It can search and aggregate any content where your brand is mentioned. Social Mention can also let you know about your brand’s reach and strength. You can be connected to all types of updated and posts that give a mention of your personal brand. In fact, it lets you interact with interested people in a very easy, natural and convenient manner.


join social media

Are you scared of updating multiple social accounts every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and several other sites? Your problem can now be solved by this tool called Ping.fm. Whether you want to update all social networks simultaneously or in custom groups, it can all be made easier by this useful tech tool that is freely available for usage.


wordpress gears businessman

You cannot do without this blogging tool when your aim is to become a thought leader and expert in your niche area. Individual blogging is a necessity of personal branding, and WordPress is a famous publishing platform to do so. What you can do through this blog publishing tool cannot be done with a simple short tweet or post. It is a kind of building block to your personal brand that highlights it in the best way.



It is a CRM (customer relationship management) system that can come handy to all types of professionals. This tool creates various buckets for you in which you may add relevant contacts with whom you need to follow up within a specific time period. For instance, you can put your hiring managers in one bucket and can stay in touch with them on a constant basis. Similarly, you can create a lead bucket where you follow up with contacts after every few months. Thus, you can decide the contact time too. This tool will keep reminding you on these follow-ups.

Google Alerts

brand monitoring

It is a cool alert tool that has been running now for about five long years. However, you will still find it relevant and useful for brand monitoring purposes. You simply need to tell it about the topic on which you require the alerts. It works greatly with social media, blogs, and news sources. All your brand updates are sent to your inbox.

Several tech tools can make personal branding much easier and effective. While tools like Evernote and WordPress help you in networking, those like Social Mention let you monitor your brand constantly.