Many a times you download a certain picture or image from the web, save and then use it either for your projects or for social networking websites. However, chances are that you find that image deleted or cropped and need to find its original source. This can be done with what is called the reverse image searching. Following is a list of four best applications that help you find the original location of images using reverse image search.


TinEye: TinEye is an amazing reverse image searching application from Idee with an enormous interface, which provides large number of image sources and has a direct source URL to locate it. Users can register their personal account on the application and integrate it with their website with an online “developer’s API” with an API key generated which enables users to access its features. This is perhaps the simplest way to locate the original source of any image.

Google Reverse Images

Google Reverse Images: Everyone is familiar with the functions of the most powerful website Google that offers you a detailed search on various types of contents including images. All you need to do is to type the keywords and here is before you an array of thousands of images. Google can also reverse the search of images. You need to visit the reverse image search page and enter the URL of the image whose original source you are looking for. You can alternatively upload the image and search for its original location.


SauceNAO: This is the only application that helps you find sources of external images that TinEye or Google cannot. The application has been specifically designed to recognize alphabets in languages other than English and search websites in other languages. This proves to be of great help to locate images that are difficult to search otherwise due to their distinct language content. Additional browsers features are available for Firefox and Chrome which are free to install.

image search

RevIMG: This amazing application enables you to search a specific part of your image. Although it sounds similar to SauceNAO it is quite different and helps in rapid search of any image. You can integrate your website with the app’s database for quick image search. It is very different from other typical search engines in that it begins the search from the image and then generates various links from the internet


All the above mentioned reverse image search engines are very beneficial to the internet users and are extremely advanced in finding the source of any image which adds to their increasing popularity.