Search Engine Optimization is very important for any website since it plays the key role in deciding the web traffic received by any website and also the rank it gets by the search engines. For a website these terms are of immense importance since they are directly related to the business the website does. This article gives you six essential steps for your website optimization for search engine use.

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  • Your first important tool to make tour website’s presence felt is the content that it holds. The content of the website should be extremely smart and up to the point so that the readers are interested to know more about what the site has to offer. Remember search engine ranking is directly dependants on the number of visits to your website hence include more numbers of important keywords and additional backlinks in the website content. It should be such that people share it on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and add the content to popular sites such as Reddit, Digg and Delicious, including others.
  • You should contact people such as business holders, accountants, solicitors and even raw material manufacturers who own a website to add a link to your website. You can also try writing articles of common interest and current problems that would be read by people thus giving you additional links. This would make you noticed in sites such as Google.


  • Images play an important role in completing the look of any website but it is essential that you mention the title, caption, alternate text, description in detail so that the search engines can recognize the image. Using the images to add in extra keywords will lower your ranking by the search engines so do not tray it.
  • You need to use high quality internal links since they assist the search engines to know the content and purpose of the website. Often you find these links in blue colored texts in the content of the website.


  • It is ethical to write a good content and not considering that the content is not being read seriously. Your content should contain at least 250 words per page. Remember the search engines are aware of the word count since it determines the number of the keywords in your article.
  • You should prefer not to copy content from any other website since it will only do harm to the rankings of the website. Also, remember that plagiarism can get you in trouble with the law as well.


These steps are very essential for proper SEO of your website and are responsible for increasing the traffic and user visits to your site.