Things you probably doing wrong in yoga


Yoga is all about re-uniting your mind, body and soul, so that you regain that lost connection and peace of mind. A practice that is doing good to so many people across the globe, more and more people joining the yoga league. Some understand yoga and yogic practices well while some others misunderstand yoga in several ways.

Things you probably misunderstand in yoga

Some of the most common misconceptions people have about yoga are:

Trying hard is the key to success

Well, trying hard is actually a key to success in many ways but this does not apply at all to yoga. Yoga is a series of poses and postures, which are many. Therefore, there is no need to force your body too hard to perform a particular pose if your body lacks the strength or the flexibility to perform it. Trying too hard will only hurt your body. Yoga is a practice that you just cannot master in a day; you need to practice it for a long time to master it, so no short cuts here please.

Yoga is only for flexible people

This is biggest and the stupidest misconception some people have about yoga. They think people with non-flexible and fat bodies cannot do yoga. Get your facts clear at the earliest because there can be nothing more stupid than this. If one already has a slim and a flexible body, then why on earth would such a person ever do yoga. Yoga is a practice that anyone and everyone can follow because it has some or the other benefits for all.

Sole purpose of yoga is physical fitness

Well, if this would have been the case then people already had so many options like aerobics, zumba classes, and more to ensure their physical fitness than yoga. The reason that makes yoga so popular is not only the physical fitness but also the awareness and concentration of one’s mind, which come handy to get rid of a number of health issues.

Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Know your body limits

Never try to overdo than your body’s actual limits because that would only harm your muscles. Sticking to your body capacity is the ideal way to perform all yoga poses and benefit you. You can keep pushing your body everyday to reach a certain level of flexibility but trying to do it all in a day is like inviting an injury to harm your body.

Stay Light

One should practice yoga empty stomach, or you can do it 2-3 hours after your meal. When practicing yoga, ensure you take three to four liters of water in a day so that it flushes out all the toxins produced in your body during the yoga practice.

Be consistent

Regularity and consistency are two pillars that make the effects of your yoga practice even stronger and better. Yoga practice has to be a part of your daily schedule, if you want it to affect your life in a big positive way. Once it becomes a habit, it makes your life better and healthy. Say if you practice yoga for two to three hours once a week and on the other hand someone else practices it for fifteen minutes to half an hour daily, then you are not the one who is going to benefit but the one who practices it daily.

People who practice yoga have to get rid of all the misconceptions they have regarding it because the misunderstandings interfere with the actual benefits yoga could bestow upon you.

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