Skin Health

If you think we only breathe through the nose and mouth, you need to think again. Our skin breathes too. It inhales, exhales and has a rhythm of its own. Not only does it absorb oxygen and other essential nutrients via the atmosphere, it also sheds dead skin cells and regenerates them every few days.


Maintaining a healthy and glowing skin include a balance of nourishing foods and taking care about cleanliness. Eating an ample amount of fruits and vegetables, especially brightly colored ones, promotes the process of absorbing essential vitamins from our diet. Drinking lots of water each day flushes out the impurities that may be blocking the surface of the skin. To allow this to happen we must engage in physical exercises that encourage sweating. Dermatologists suggest occasionally taking a break from wearing make-up every day because the skin can literally suffocate.
So the skin is not just a protective sheath that covers the entire body, it is an organ of perception that interacts with the digestive system and is responsible for producing immune cells too. Evidently, it is just as vital to take care of our skin as it is to take care of the underlying muscles.

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