New To Yoga? Here are the common mistakes to avoid

Yoga is much more than a physical practice and is bettering people’s health since ages. Yoga is a practice that unites body, mind, and soul of a person who practices it, and this s why yoga is not just beneficial for a human being’s physical health but also for his spiritual and mental health. In order to practice yoga, you must learn it right, or else, your mistakes could falter your yoga rounds. Here is a complete yoga practice guide for you that will help you become a yoga beginner who knows how to do it right without any mistakes.

Top mistakes not to make while practicing yoga

  • Practicing yoga every day

Practicing yoga

You can practice the common breathing patterns of yoga everyday, but if you practice power yoga then you must do it every alternate day. The reason behind, your body requires some time to recuperate after intensive exercises and if you do not allow your body that time, you would feel sloppy and you might be at the risk of injuring yourself.

  • Overdoing it and not listening to your body

overdoing yoga

One of the worst mistakes beginners do is to overexert themselves pushing their body too hard to do certain yoga poses and not really listening to their body. Consider carefully how your body reacts to different poses and only practice those poses your body feels comfortable in. Doing so will prevent body injuries.

  • Holding your breath for too long

Holding your breath

Holding and releasing breaths while doing yoga poses has a certain pattern, and this pattern solves the purposes, it oxygenates your muscles and keeps you focused while performing all the poses. Your breathing should match your postures but if you are a heart patient then you must consider your breathing pattern while doing several yoga postures. You should never hold your breath, or it might cause uneasiness or even a severe problem in some cases.

  • Distraction

yoga practice (2)

As mentioned earlier also, yoga practice is all about uniting your body, soul, and mind. It means any yoga pose you do; you ought to do it with absolute mindfulness. Suppose you are practicing yoga while talking to your friend sitting beside you or on phone or while concentration on the television then you cannot say you are practicing yoga because it is a simple stretching exercise that you are doing. You can only call it yoga if you practice it with sheer determination and mindfulness.

  • Comparing yourself to others

Two Yogi female partners relaxing in yoga Lotus Pose

You are a beginner and you join a yoga class wherein there are some experienced yoga students as well. You forget this fact and you start comparing yourself with those experienced students who can easily perform even the toughest of poses with ease. This is one biggest and the worst mistake you beginner yoga students can make because comparison in this case will only bring you dissatisfaction and pain, in case you try to do a pose that your body is not actually ready for. You observe other students but never compare and follow your own pace.

  • No warm up


Busy schedules and sometimes that lazy feeling tempt you to skip a warm up cession and straightaway get onto practicing yoga poses. You should never do this, or else be ready for an injury. Your body demands good 20 minute to warm up completely and then it becomes ready for all those serious yoga poses that require great deal of strength, flexibility and concentration.

One must know yoga poses well before performing them, especially if one is a beginner. Practicing yoga without knowing it well is a risk factor that might lead to a serious injury.

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