An insight into ‘Panchakarma’ and its benefits

“Panchakarma” is known to be the basic building block for ayurveda treatments and tries to solve the root cause of problems in the body. “Panchakarma” keeps your body in healthy condition by cleaning it from the inside as well as assists in curing the ailments. It also checks tridosha and attempts to revert the changes in three dosha or tridosha, which are pitta, vata and kapha.


Proper Level of Tridosha

Level of tridosha is important for good health and “Panchakarma” aids in retaining correct level in the body. In ancient literature by Acharya Charak, there is mention of “Panchakarma” as a cure for various ailments. It is said that when tridosha is not in proper balance it affects the body and results in various diseases.



One example would be of lungs congestion, which can lead to several diseases in the respiratory system such as bronchitis or cough. If we are able to maintain proper Kapha level in our bodies then most of the illnesses can be reduced. One solution which is also part of “Panchakarma” is vaman in which vomiting is used for controlling Kapha.



Excess pitta secretion also indicates problems present in the body. This extra bile or pitta causes different ailments ranging from acne, rashes to skin inflammation. In case liver gets affected then other severe problems may have to be faced such as chronic fever, jaundice and nausea. As a solution it is suggested by ayurvedic experts that patients intake virechan. Virechan consists of several things such as triphala, senna leaves, flax seeds and works as a cure for such patients.



The third in the tridosha called as vaata also creates problems in the body if its level is not proper. This can lead to problems like constipation, joint pain, rheumatism and headache. Basti is one treatment that is quite effective for these problems and restores balance of vaata in the body.


Nasya Method:

“Panchakarma” also talks about Nasya method for treatment of various diseases related to nose. It is believed that life force which is also known as Prana enters body from nose and any problems in the nose can lead to varied ailments like loss of sensory perception, epilepsy and convulsions. There are some Nasya karma procedures, which aid in rectifying these problems.


“Panchakarma” is also beneficial in several skin problems as well as infections. There are various types of toxins present in any person’s gastro intestinal tract and imbalances can lead to disorders of skin such as eczema, herpes and leukoderma. Raktamoksha is the solution provided by “Panchakarma” which can help eliminate toxins and purify blood.


“Panchakarma” is very beneficial for us and if we properly follow the advice and instructions of “Panchakarma” then we can live a better life in which diseases do not have any place.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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