Essential yoga poses for women

Yoga is good for women, as it not only helps them increase the stamina and get a lean body but also helps them during pregnancy. Here are some of the essential yoga poses good for women:


Child position:

To achieve this position, one has to kneel down with toes touching each other and knees at a width apart. The pressure should be on the heels. Slowly lay the torso between the thighs and bring the forehead downwards. Extend the arm in front and touch the palms or fingertips on the ground. Close eyes and breathe. Stay in this pose for a minute. This pose is good for the hips and lower back.


Downward Facing Dog:

In this pose, the knees and feet should be apart. Hands should be shoulder width apart and spread with fingers pointed. Slowly press the hands on the ground and lift the knees up. Straighten the legs and move the hands forward. Then move the legs slowly to stretch the pose. Squeeze the thighs and press them on the wall behind you. Relax the hand and neck and stay there counting your breath. This pose helps strengthen the upper body and increase circulation.


Warrior II

To get into this pose, stand and move your legs at a distance of 4 feet. Turn the right foot and let the toes point forward. Raise the arms parallel to the floor and bend the right knee at an angle of 90 degree. Gently hold the tailbone and draw the abdomen inwards. Hold this pose for a few seconds. Repeat on the opposite side. This is good for a lean and toned body.


Plank Pose

In this pose, you must take the above downward facing dog pose and press on the palms. Then bring the chest forward so that it looks like a reverse push up pose. Press the heels at the backside wall and extend the head in a straight line. Hold this for a minute. This pose strengthens your upper body and muscles of your arms and back.


Fierce Pose

To attain this position, step with the feet at a certain distance and then spread the toes. Raise the arms above and bend the knees. Sit on the bums as if you are sitting on the chair. Hold for a few seconds. This pose helps support the knee muscles and improves posture.


Do not have adequate time for gymming, these poses for females can help you get back in shape. They not only balance the hormones but also strengthen the mental balance.

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