Detox yoga: 6 Postures to cleanse your body

Yoga for detox

Yoga is all about powerful poses that are beneficial in a lot of ways. Certain poses help you to clean up the accumulated wastes from inside your body. Today’s irregular eating habits and fast-paced lifestyle are responsible for the toxins and wastes in your body. Though there are several other methods of getting rid of the wastes, yoga is one of the safest and most effective ways to remove your toxins, mental and emotional wastes. You can experience the result as soon as you start practicing the moves. Here are six powerful moves that can help you to clean up your body.

1. Bharadwajasana

All kinds of abdominal twists are real detoxifiers. This yoga can be done in different types with your legs stretched out, sitting on the heels or sitting cross-legged. The simple version can be done very easily. Other advanced versions require flexibility of your hip joints and spine. To do this pose, sit on the floor and stretch out the legs. Bend your right leg at your knee. Place the right foot on the left thigh. The right knee has to touch the ground. Do this with the other leg also. As you continue to do this pose daily, you will be able to do it in a better way. Bring your left hand to the back and place the back side of the hand on the spine. The right hand should be on the left knee and inhale. While exhaling twist your upper part of the body to the left and the head should be over your shoulder. Hole this pose for a while and keep breathing. Repeat it 2-3 times.

Benefits: You get a powerful squeeze on your stomach and the liver. The liver is responsible for more than 500 functions in the body including removal of wastes. It prevents constipation and also helps in effective blood circulation. This rejuvenates the whole body and speeds up the cleaning process.

2. Ardha matsyendra asana

The simple version of this pose has the same effect of the advanced version. Sit on the ground and bend your right leg. Inhale and take your left foot over the right knee. Place it on the ground at the side of your hip. At the same time, place your left elbow on the right knee. This will create a twist on your spine. Twist toward the right fully and exhale. The spine has to be straight and the right foot on the ground. Hold this pose for some time and breathe normally. Repeat for the opposite side too.

Benefits: The twist and squeeze has the same detoxing effects of the previous pose. It also heightens spiritual detox because all the seven chakras on the spine are involved in the twist. The pose also helps to improve your postural misalignment that come due to various reasons.

3. Matsyasana

This is one of the most powerful poses for boy detox. This pose is often taught directly to the beginners. To do this pose you have to first lie on your back with both the legs touching each other tightly. Lift your head slowly by exhaling and roll it back. The neck has to form an arch and the whole weight of your body has to be on your elbows. The crown has to be on the ground. Focus on the arching chest and keep the feet steady and relaxed. Breathe normally to have a good impact on the lungs. Slowly release the curve of the neck and return to the normal position.

Benefits: This pose is beneficial for removing all kinds of stale air for the lower part of the lungs. The pressure on your abdomen provides powerful massage to the liver. Fat release is also one of the most important benefits of this asana. The pressure applied around the hips helps to work on the uro-genital system. It prevents stress and the immune gland gets rejuvenated.

4. Dhanu

Lie on the stomach and place the chin on the floor. Reach back with your hands and hold the ankles from behind. Inhale while raising the head and chin off the floor. At the same time, you have to raise your legs from the ground and form the shape of a bow. Look upward. Once you become thorough with this pose, you can arch up further by lifting your thighs and chest. Breathe normally and hold this pose for a few seconds. You can also increase the duration of holding the pose.

Benefits: This is a very useful all-in-one detox posture. It helps to clean your whole body. The arch works on your spine and helps to straighten up the nervous tension and stiffness. The pressure on your abdomen manages the liver and sets off peristalsis which is nothing but efficient elimination and excretion of body wastes. It also works on other body parts like the spleen and kidneys and enables excretion. This pose is also known to purify the path to all the seven chakras and detoxing spiritually. The manipuri chakra, our spiritual and emotional centers also get purified.

5. Dwi pada supta pawan mukta asana

This pose is specially done for detoxing the inner wastes and enhancing the energy levels. The pose can be done easily. It has a powerful impact and is also meant for all-in-one therapy. Lie on the back first. Inhale and bend both your legs at the knees. Exhale and then hug both the knees with your hands by squeezing the knees towards your chest. Hold this position and exhale so that your chin reaches close to the knees. Hold this for as long as possible and then release. Repeat for three times.

Benefits: Accumulated wastes, especially the flatulence can be removed by doing this yoga. It also provides great relief from acidity. The pose is also known to facilitate peristalsis and excretion. The metabolism of the body is enhanced and also helps to control the degenerative ailments.

6. Adho mukha savasana

This pose is also known as the downward facing dog. You need to first place your feet and hands on the floor with your hands at hip width apart. Push your head towards your knees. The feet have to be flat on the ground. After bending, you should be able to form an inverted ‘V’ shape. Hold this for a while and come back to the normal position.

Benefits: Lymph flow and blood circulation is greatly enhanced by this posture. It gives a soft abdominal stretch and aids in digestion. When the foods are digested properly, they get eliminated properly.

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