Cleansing Comfortably: Top Tips for Detoxing Your Body the Natural Way


There are a number of natural substances available that are particularly good for detoxing and cleansing your body without the need for any harsh chemicals or uncomfortable symptoms to suffer for your cause.

Lemons are one good example of a natural way to flush away toxins and you can read more at The Alternative Daily about that. Here is a look at some great ways to detox your body in the most natural way as possible.

Time for your own spring clean

Many of us like to set aside a weekend and have a good spring clean around the house and garden in preparation for the summer and it always feels good when you see the result of your efforts.

Imagine how rejuvenated your body would feel if you applied that same spring-cleaning logic and set aside some time to detoxify your body?

When you detoxify, you can almost feel your body being kick-started into a new lease of life and you will often feel healthier and more active as a result of your efforts.

Detox diets are fundamentally different to a conventional diet and the effect on your body is also quite different.

Helping your body with its natural work

Our bodies actually perform a natural detoxification process on a daily basis in an attempt to try and eliminate or neutralize through the colon and liver, but sometimes you can feel bloated and congested as a result of eating too much food or consuming the wrong types of food.

You may also feel lethargic if you have been taking regular medications which have not been entirely eliminated from your system, hence the need for a boost to your natural detoxing efforts.

The power of lemons

Lemons are a great ally in the detoxification process and the ascorbic acid contained in lemons has excellent cleansing properties.

There are various ways you could use lemons to detox and a specially formulated lemonade drink is one way of getting the internal cleanse that you are seeking.

This detox drink is very straightforward to make and involves mixing two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper in eight ounces of purified water.

It is generally suggested that you abstain from eating on the day you decide to cleanse your body with this drink and then drink between six or eight glasses of the lemonade mixture you have made.

Some nutrients have pointed out that there is a lack of essential nutrients in this drink so make sure you take the right advice and stick to the suggested limits.

Vegetable detox

Another popular choice is a vegetable detox drink such as a green detox drink which consists of ingredients such as celery stalks, kale leaves, spinach, cabbage and parsley.

Have a search around for a green detox drink that appeals and contains a number of these important vegetables, which are mixed with water in a blender to make a vegetable detox that can give your body a boost.

Composition with vegetables and fruits in wicker basket

Fresh cranberries

If you want to keep it simple, there is a lot to be said for the benefits of cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice contains vitamin C, antioxidants and manganese and there are some studies available which suggest that regular drinking of cranberry juice could also help to prevent urinary tract infections as well as ulcers, provided you have a healthy outlook overall.

To turn your cranberry juice into more of a detox drink, dilute one-part cranberry juice to four parts water and then add a tablespoon of apple pectin and psyllium fiber, which will have the effect of gently encouraging intestinal cleansing.

Fruit detox

As well as vegetables, there are plenty of different fruit detox drinks that you can create to help with your detox efforts.

Fruit is high in fiber and has plenty of essential minerals and vitamins to provide an excellent natural detox for your body. Bananas, strawberries, oranges and lemons are just some of the items you might want to use and if you add in other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, flax oil and lecithin, you should be able to find a fruit detox that contains plenty of your favorite ingredients and allows you to feel cleaner on the inside.

Detoxing your body in a natural way is considered by the many as the best way of giving yourself an overdue spring clean and leave you feeling refreshed and with a new lease of life.

Melissa Holden has worked within the natural healthcare industry all her working life. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with a wider audience by writing articles for health, eco/green and lifestyle blogs.



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