Can only skinny people practice yoga

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Whenever we turn the pages of any magazine or watch a video related to yoga, we come across striking image of a skinny slim body practicing various difficult poses with ease. Many people get discouraged and think that yoga is not for them. In present day environment thin is in. When we gloss through any fashion magazine, we do get affected by watching thin and perfectly shaped bodies. However, it is not important how your body looks. It is more important what your body can do.


There is no need to suffer from body dysmorphia. It is more important to remain healthy and feel positive about yourself. Yoga can help you feel good about your body, and make you calm from within. Yoga invigorates you, no matter what your body size is. In fact, if you are overweight, or do not have very flexible body, practicing yoga will help you improve your physical fitness.

Do not get discouraged if you find you cannot do all the poses to the perfection. If you have potbelly, you may not be able to bend completely, some people cannot sit on the floor. The beauty of yoga is that it is all encompassing. People of all age, gender or physique can benefit from yoga. You can use simple modifications to help you perform the exercises according to your capability. Over time, you will build flexibility and stamina to do exercises that are more difficult.

In addition, size people may find it difficult to sit on the floor. They can sit on the chair. If comfortable, you can sit on a pillow. Individual modifications will make these poses more enjoyable and safe. If you get tired soon, you can repeat an exercise only few times. Even performing yoga for a short duration can help you stay fit and boost your mood. You can get rid of body aches, as you can strengthen your muscles by performing certain exercises. Yoga not only reduces tensions but also help you get rid of joint aches. Breathing exercises increase your stamina. Often overweight people become breathless very soon. By practicing Pranayam, you can improve your breathing. Meditation helps in calming you down and relieving you from mental tensions.

It is very important to find a yoga instructor to help you in the beginning, someone who understands your body and gradually guides you to attain better fitness. Physical wellbeing cannot be measured by counting calories. At the end of practising yoga, you should feel healthier and more relaxed.

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