Best wellness tourism retreats in Costa Rica

Planning a perfect retreat for the holidays with wellness on your mind? An ideal vacation that not only thrills the mind but also refreshes and cleanses the body to rejuvenate your soul is something that is easily attainable in Costa Rica. These retreats offer a stable balance between wellness vacation and eco-adventure, or eco-tourism as many would call it.

  1. Pura Vida

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Pura Vida offers you Costa Rica on a plate decorated with the best attractions and the tranquil beauty, and garnished with a controlled temperature. The temperature is held between 70-80 degrees during the days and 60 degree at night. Pura Vida offers online booking for a shuttle service so that you can directly reach this wellness sanctuary from the San Jose Airport. Experience tranquility and leave with the most refreshed and at-peace mind from Costa Rica when you check out of Pura Vida.

  1. Detoxify at Tierra de suenos

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Dr Gregory Damato has devised the ultimate detoxification regimen for you under the most perfect and pure environments in Tierra de suenos. When you arrive at the resort, the process has already begun where you are purified of all the toxic components of the environment and toxins that gradually accumulate in your body. Lymphatic massages and infrared sauna work hand in hand with a strict diet composed largely of raw foods and essential minerals and supplements. Set amidst the serene beauty that spreads like a blanket through the entire nation of Costa Rica, the resort offers a perfect getaway.

  1. Samasati Rainforest Sanctuary

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Located near the Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo, the Samasati Resort is comfortably tucked in between the warmth of the green leaves and the shade of the tall trees. Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and this can truly be experienced when you are placed in that ecosystem. When you are lying on your hammock and the sounds of birds and howler monkeys in the distance are the only music to your ears, you can experience nature in its most raw form. Needless to say, the Samasati Rainforest Sanctuary is always brimming with all its flavors and colors.

  1. Amatierra

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Adding a rural themed retreat and wellness center to the typical resort, Amatierra offers you a new you when you leave. Practice yoga in an open-air pavilion set between the forest cover, detoxify with organic diet and raw food, and pamper yourself with some massages and sauna at this luxury resort. Ideal for family vacations or honeymoons, the place adds a very different individualistic approach to eco tourism blended with local culture and customs.

  1. Waterfall villas


This 6-eco-luxury suite resort is banked at the various twists and turns in the path of an underground spring that bursts as waterfalls at multiple places. Right in the middle of the rain forest, Waterfall villas offer you packages within your affordability range, so you can enjoy the best service and refresh your body and mind this vacation.

  1. Luna Lodge

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Set near the Corcovado National Park in Osa Peninsula, the secluded Luna lodge is a perfect treat to all your senses. The exquisite location offers easy transit to the national park and also makes multiple activities (hiking/ ziplining/ yoga) possible when you stay at the lodge. The resort offers accommodation surrounded by rain forest with all the basic necessities to pamper yourself and make each moment a relaxing experience. The underlying Carate river valley lends the environment at the resort a cool breeze.


If you plan to de-stress completely, Costa Rica has innumerable eco-tourism destinations that offer wellness therapies and all the splendor of nature to soothe the senses.

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