Brand recognition is no longer just about media presentations and market shares. Brand reputation has become to be a major factor in determining the authenticity of a business. It is the key to establishing your brand in the market and driving revenue growth. Online reputation in particular, has become more important for businesses to reach out to customers and find out what others are talking about them. As such, online reputation management (ORM) has become an essential tool for a business’s success to day.


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Why is ORM needed for a business?

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No matter how good a business is, there comes a time when it would need to face an irate customer who decides to spoil the brand’s name. Online reputation management will ensure that the business is kept aware of these negative reviews so that appropriate action can be taken. Additionally, ORM tools help raise awareness of the brand and gain positive reviews for it in the process. These positive reviews will not only outnumber the negative reviews, but will also act as a source of conversion for the business which can enjoy higher revenues in the long run.

ORM strategies to boost brand name and revenue

Here are some ORM strategies you can adopt to boost your business’s brand name and revenue.

  • Opt for automated monitoring

Choose a tool like Bing or Google alerts to monitor your brand’s reputation round the clock. Tag your brand name, products and the names of the company’s CEOs with these alerts. The next time someone invokes these terms anywhere on the World Wide Web, you will get an alert update on your email inbox.

  • Keep social media accounts up to date

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Do not neglect the social media accounts you created under your business’s name. Building your social media accounts helps you reach out to more customers in the process of maintaining a positive online reputation. Interacting with your customers on these accounts is a must if you want to increase your brand’s influence in the market.

  • Make use of ORM tools

There are several tools like WhosTalkin, Social Mention and Technorati, etc. which help you monitor and manage your brand’s online reputation. These tools evaluate any kind of online mention about your business via posts, status updates, images, videos and even blogs, thus helping you stay abreast of what everyone is talking about you.

  • Give room for customers to vent

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A frustrated customer will search for an area on your website to vent out his anger. If he doesn’t find such a place, he will choose to do it elsewhere online. This could be more damaging to your reputation. So create a more constructive way for irate customers to vent their anger against your business. Provide them with contact forms and support forums to funnel their frustration. This ensures any negative feedback does not reach other online sites where it can be viewed by millions of existing and new customers.

  • Respond to negative reviews

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Having a forum for customers to vent out their anger is not enough. You need to respond to these reviews in the earliest possible in order to avoid letting the customer vent his frustration elsewhere again. Always respond positively, be apologetic and never respond in anger. This will help control the matter without fueling it further.

Online reputation management has become essential for any business today. A business would need to manage its online reputation properly in order to maintain its brand name and value in the market.