With over three fourths of the world population owning some form of internet enabled mobile device, it has become a necessity for web designers to design sites that are mobile friendly as well. A lot of individuals choose to browse the internet on their mobiles as well, meaning every website designed from now on should be flexible enough to open on different kinds of mobile devices. Here are some tips that will help designers optimize their websites for mobile use in an easy and efficient manner. Read more

SEO has come a long way from when it was just used for research based purposes. It has become so important these days that ranking in the first page of a search engine has become a mandate for any website to do good business. People who search for things online almost always never move beyond the first 5-6 links or so. As such, they can become ready buyers of a product if it is listed high in the ranks of search engines. It has come to the point that SEO is the main tool that makes or breaks a business today. Read more

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit a website? It’s design, navigability or user friendliness? All it takes is one quick glance to decide whether a website is worth your time. The two main factors that drive more visitors to website are a simple design and familiarity. That is, an individual is more likely to stay on a website for longer periods if it is simple as well as familiar. Read more

With nearly two thirds of the world’s population hooked onto the internet, it would only be considered wise decision for a business to promote itself via an online website. However, many businesses make the mistake of simply creating a website and not maintaining it in the right way. Read more

More often than not, we are asked to focus on our work and do our best rather than compare our efforts with those of our competitors. However, in today’s world, it is considered necessary to keep abreast of the competition by analyzing our competitor’s work. This holds especially true in the case of websites. Read more

The majority of websites are accessed via mobile phones and tablets these days. These devices feature HD displays that may pose problems for existing websites. These websites need to find out ways to survive the shift to HD display without any hassles. Here are some tips that can help website designers in this case. Read more

Online marketing is quite the trend these days with literally every other business jumping onto the internet bandwagon in order to benefit from the same. Online marketing can rake in quite some amount of money, provided you do it right. Here are some tips that would help you master the art of online marketing and transform your website into a successful business venture. Read more

For any business with an online presence, its online reputation is highly critical. Whether the company’s brand prospers or suffers also depends on what the online community feels about it. Typically, the website’s reputation is based on a rating from the Web of Trust (WOT) community. This rating is an indicator of how much other users trust the website in question. In order to gain a good web reputation, follow the tips below. Read more