Using Twitter Chat as a cornerstone for your social media strategies

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the means of garnering website traffic and visibility with social media platforms. One such social media site, which can be tapped on, is Twitter. Have you ever realised that you could effectively use Twitter chat to market your business?

Twitter chats are a great means of connecting with prospective customers, thereby increasing recognition and visibility for the business. Illustrated below are some ways to create a killer twitter chat that would help in your SMM strategy to improve your business.

Define Rationale

Define Rationale

The first thing to consider before hosting a Twitter for SMM purposes would be to establish a clear objective of the chat. It is important to identify a clear topic that would appeal to the target audience. The chat has to be of some value-add in order for it to attract users. Once there is a community hooked on to your chat group, new information will constantly be added, therefore rendering more attention to your business.

Select Hashtag Wisely

Hashtag notification concept

Hashtags are popular in social media channels. Likewise in Twitter, the selection of appropriate hashtags is crucial when attempting to start a Twitter chat. This hashtag is almost like a call-out to view your company’s offerings. The hashtag should be relevant to the brand being promoted and may contain most or all of the company’s name.

In order for prospective customers to retain the information, make sure that the tags are short and sweet. Do your due research to ensure that the hashtag you choose is not already in use. This can be checked on platforms like and Twitter. There could be legal implications as well as brand confusion should an existing hashtag be used.

Effective Questions

Effective Questions

The majority of Twitter chats are of the question and answer format. As such, the questions which are composed should be engaging enough to warrant participation from the users. When people are engaged in the questions in a chat, a meaningful discussion can arise from it. As such, you will be in a position to lead the discussion in the way you want it to. As a general rule of thumb, about 8 questions should be sufficient to allow meaningful discussions between participants.

In all, when you decide to use Twitter chat as a SMM tool, you should ensure you be an effective host and craft the chat well.