For a website, content is key. The content in the website is what attracts visitors to it as well increasing the website’s online visibility. The content written therefore has to be original, creative and accurate. If you are looking to start a content writing business that will be sought after, below are some tips you could consider.

Generate Original Content


In order to create killer websites, you would need to ensure that your information is new and not merely spun off existing knowledge. When new information is added to promote a brand on a website, search engines are more inclined to rank your site high up in the results. New and engaging content will also interest readers and compel them to find out more.

SEO-friendly Content

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In order to generate more traffic to your website, make sure that you come up with SEO friendly content. This ensures that the content you have written will rank high up on a search engine result. The aim of search engines is ultimately to provide content to a user which is relevant and informative.

One way of increasing online visibility is a search engine listing, thus creating demand would be to make use of keywords and keyword phrases. Conduct some research to find out which keywords can be used in your content writing. One way of making the content SEO-friendly is to pack them at the beginning of the content.

Keywords should be repeated throughout the content, whilst making sure the repetition does not appear strange, of course. This can be achieved by being aware of the keyword to text ratio. Typically, it is a norm for 1 or 2 keywords to be used for every 50 to 100 words of content.

Tap on Social Media

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The current buzz is social media. As such create demand for your content writing by making your content visible on several platforms and not just your blog or website. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ are highly popular and are great platforms for a content writing business to enhance its brand name.

Word gets around when people form networks and the same goes for these social media sites. By publicizing your content and getting connected to other people on these sites, the content will garner higher traffic.

These are some fundamental tips you can adopt to generate demand for your content writing business.