With nearly two thirds of the world’s population hooked onto the internet, it would only be considered wise decision for a business to promote itself via an online website. However, many businesses make the mistake of simply creating a website and not maintaining it in the right way. Read more

More often than not, we are asked to focus on our work and do our best rather than compare our efforts with those of our competitors. However, in today’s world, it is considered necessary to keep abreast of the competition by analyzing our competitor’s work. This holds especially true in the case of websites. Read more

Overseas market expansion is considered a crucial step for any business’s growth strategy. Many businesses claim that one way to attract overseas customers is to offer them a multilingual website. Multilingual website localization can in fact, boost the traffic to a website by at least 90%. But how does one go about creating a multilingual website? Here are some tips that can prove to be handy in this case. Read more

The majority of websites are accessed via mobile phones and tablets these days. These devices feature HD displays that may pose problems for existing websites. These websites need to find out ways to survive the shift to HD display without any hassles. Here are some tips that can help website designers in this case. Read more

Online marketing is quite the trend these days with literally every other business jumping onto the internet bandwagon in order to benefit from the same. Online marketing can rake in quite some amount of money, provided you do it right. Here are some tips that would help you master the art of online marketing and transform your website into a successful business venture. Read more

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Anticipatory design is becoming very popular for websites. With the sole aim of making user interactions easier and less complicated, anticipatory website design can easily engage even those customers who have little or no time on their hands to browse through the entire site properly. As such, here are some basic pointers one would need to know about integrating anticipatory design into a website. Read more

For a website, content is key. The content in the website is what attracts visitors to it as well increasing the website’s online visibility. The content written therefore has to be original, creative and accurate. If you are looking to start a content writing business that will be sought after, below are some tips you could consider. Read more

Have you ever realized how you could make use of an online photo tool such as Flickr to build your small business? Flickr is an easy application to use and is a powerful social media tool. As a small business, you will need to think creatively so as to compete effectively against bigger names. Read more

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the means of garnering website traffic and visibility with social media platforms. One such social media site, which can be tapped on, is Twitter. Have you ever realised that you could effectively use Twitter chat to market your business? Read more