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A lot of website designers tend to make the mistake of designing a site that impresses their clients but little for the end user. It is ultimately the end user who will be visiting the website and interacting with it. Hence, a designer should aim to create a site that is intended for the target audience, ensuring that he does not ruin client expectations in the process. Read more

With over three fourths of the world population owning some form of internet enabled mobile device, it has become a necessity for web designers to design sites that are mobile friendly as well. A lot of individuals choose to browse the internet on their mobiles as well, meaning every website designed from now on should be flexible enough to open on different kinds of mobile devices. Here are some tips that will help designers optimize their websites for mobile use in an easy and efficient manner. Read more

Collaborative design has been gaining new grounds of late. A traditional design process is where a single core designer or design team will be responsible for everything from the initial idea to the finalized products. Read more

It is a necessity for a business to constantly innovate as well as reinvent itself. This holds true especially in the area of mobile apps where cut throat competition forces developers to be on their toes constantly when it comes to development. Any new service or product introduced would need to be tested before being accepted. Read more

Considering the fact that more than half of the world is online today, it is only wise that a business ensure it has a working website to attract online customers. It is also imperative that the website sports a design that is attractive as well as functional. A website that provides a nice user experience via good content, easy navigability and fast load times, etc. will definitely retain existing customers as well as attract new ones to the business. Read more

SEO has come a long way from when it was just used for research based purposes. It has become so important these days that ranking in the first page of a search engine has become a mandate for any website to do good business. People who search for things online almost always never move beyond the first 5-6 links or so. As such, they can become ready buyers of a product if it is listed high in the ranks of search engines. It has come to the point that SEO is the main tool that makes or breaks a business today. Read more

Brand recognition is no longer just about media presentations and market shares. Brand reputation has become to be a major factor in determining the authenticity of a business. It is the key to establishing your brand in the market and driving revenue growth. Online reputation in particular, has become more important for businesses to reach out to customers and find out what others are talking about them. As such, online reputation management (ORM) has become an essential tool for a business’s success to day. Read more

WordPress debuted as a blogging platform in 2003. It has grown to become one of the best and most used content management systems (CMS) in the world. Today, WordPress is used for more than just blog creation. It has evolved to become a platform that allows for the creation of fully functional websites. Such is the popularity of WordPress that it currently powers a whopping 23% of all websites in the World Wide Web. Read more

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit a website? It’s design, navigability or user friendliness? All it takes is one quick glance to decide whether a website is worth your time. The two main factors that drive more visitors to website are a simple design and familiarity. That is, an individual is more likely to stay on a website for longer periods if it is simple as well as familiar. Read more

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Increasingly dominant in the web world, RWD aka Response Web Design has gained quite an edge. RWD can be considered as an approach to create websites that are compatible with all major screen sizes. Read more