Brand recognition is no longer just about media presentations and market shares. Brand reputation has become to be a major factor in determining the authenticity of a business. It is the key to establishing your brand in the market and driving revenue growth. Online reputation in particular, has become more important for businesses to reach out to customers and find out what others are talking about them. As such, online reputation management (ORM) has become an essential tool for a business’s success to day. Read more

For a website, content is key. The content in the website is what attracts visitors to it as well increasing the website’s online visibility. The content written therefore has to be original, creative and accurate. If you are looking to start a content writing business that will be sought after, below are some tips you could consider. Read more

Have you ever realized how you could make use of an online photo tool such as Flickr to build your small business? Flickr is an easy application to use and is a powerful social media tool. As a small business, you will need to think creatively so as to compete effectively against bigger names. Read more