The majority of websites are accessed via mobile phones and tablets these days. These devices feature HD displays that may pose problems for existing websites. These websites need to find out ways to survive the shift to HD display without any hassles. Here are some tips that can help website designers in this case.

The Reason to shift to HD

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Many websites that were designed before the advent of HD displays opened fine on computers and other devices. However, these websites will open in a distorted manner on the HD displays in phones and tablets. This can prove to be detrimental for the success of a website in the long run.

Tips to shift to HD design seamlessly

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Here are some website design elements that can help a website to cater to HD displays without any hassles.


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CSS has UI properties like box shadow and border radius, etc. that are resolution independent. Using CSS for UI elements will thus, help the content and images on the website to display properly on any device.


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Standard bitmap graphics are hard to scale and can look distorted on HD displays. Substituting them with vectors can help the website scale automatically to different dimensions. Vectors will also ensure there is no loss in quality in the process.

Fluid Layouts

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Fixed aka static layouts don’t work well on HD displays. A website with a static layout will not be able to fit properly into different screen spaces. Fluid displays on the other hand, can help the website adjust automatically to fit the viewing space.

High Resolution Images

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Using high resolution images on a website is a good idea when considering HD displays. High resolution images open well on all types of HD displays. The images will appear crisp, clear and uniform across different screen sizes as well.

Still HD Videos

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HD videos are gaining a lot of popularity. However, a website that has too many HD videos will take a long time to load. This can be avoided by cutting short the content of the video and filling the gap with static elements. This will allow the videos to load quickly on HD displays without any loss in quality.

HD displays are becoming quite common on mobile devices and tablets. Using some rather simple tips, one can easily make a website adaptable to different HD displays ondifferent platforms.