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Dr Prem has many traits and whichever role he plays he surpasses excellence and this quality of his has earned him a lot of appreciation around the globe. You may address him as an excellent author and writer as every book, guide or article written by him holds a lot of impact and attract a lot of readers. Dr Prem is also a renowned chartered consultant and has visited around thirty countries and extended his consulting services to a lot of healthcare organizations both government and private across the globe.

At Present Dr Prem is providing his private consulting services to many governments and big healthcare organizations. Dr Prem plays many important roles such as he is a promoter of Insta Media, he is a renowned author, writer and speaker, he is the founder and initiator of many projects on a global level and he is also an excellent trainer and a coach. The fans and readers of Dr Prem are both on and off the internet as his works can be seen on the internet as well as off the internet. As his role as a promoter of Insta Media and through his personal blog Dr Prem has made his mark on the internet so let us discuss it in detail.