Online marketing is a core function for promoting your business and it requires consistent efforts to stay on top on the search pages. Here are a few marketing initiatives you should regularly undertake to stay ahead virtually.


Be consistent with your blogs, on your website as well as for other websites as a guest blogger. It is a mark of expertise and will help you stay updated with latest market trends. Also, it presents an opportunity to connect directly with customers through interactions on the ‘comments’ section. At a more basic level, blogging gives your website fresh content that increases visitor flow and improves your indexing on Google.

Stay Socially Active

Social media pages are the most active platforms to connect with customers directly and get their opinions and feedbacks, while keeping them posted on the latest activities of your business.

Post content relevant to your business and your products. You can even share updates on new launches and upcoming services. On the whole, content must be aimed to sparking an interest in followers and encouraging them to share the content to expand page visibility.

Maintain a Website

Maintain a Website

Your website is your virtual presence and directly connects with your customers on the internet. Maintaining and updated website which is easy to navigate and has a user friendly interface is essential first step to creating a strong online marketing strategy.

Every search engine input and keyword will lead to a landing page that is part of your website. Maintaining relevant content in aesthetically pleasing manner will ensure repeat site visits by customers. The website and internet allows customers to stay connected with your business 24/7.

Paid and Unpaid Channels

You can use unpaid marketing tools such as SEO for improving search engine rankings and use paid medium such as pay per click (PPC) for targeted marketing. Both paid and unpaid marketing efforts should go hand in hand to ensure consistent results over the long period of time. While unpaid marketing strategies such as SEO, blogs and social media marketing are great for the long term, in the short term, PPC has been known to generate traffic faster.

Direct Contact

The contact page on your website is designed to capture customer data which can be used to communicate directly with them through newsletters and emails. However, it is essential to ensure that the mailings and personal communication are well spaced so that customers don’t spam your communications or unsubscribe from your newsletters.

Online presence is vital for business growth and to create a faster reach, with right moves and well-planned strategies it can be achieved without much investment.