Creative product is of utmost importance to the give the company a competitive edge in any industry. For creative product designing the most important thing is a creative team which has the required expertise and proficiency.

Product Design Principles

  • The product design needs to be simple but should not compromise on the user’s satisfaction and it has to be easy to manage by the user.
  • Designing as per intuition is good but the perception of the target audience is important because the product is being designed for the customer.
  • The product has to have hidden benefits which will hook the customer to the product and will make him use it over and over again. Successful designs have the capacity of captivating the customer.
  • The product design needs to be innovative but at the same time, it should be helpful to the customer.It should not confuse or bore them
  • Colour and form of the product go a long way in building or breaking the brand image.Be very attentive to that.
  • The line of attack must have repeat value only this will help in making the product multi- generational.

Things that help in value addition to the product design

target audience members

  • The product needs to fulfil the purpose for the target audience. For example, a website should be designed such that it provides all the required information to the target audience.
  • Effective communication is also of utmost importance especially if you are involved in web designing. The information has to be communicated to the audience in short and sweet manner.
  • The design has to be modern but it should not look cluttered. Therefore,use colour combinations effectively.
  • If one is designing a website, then one has to ensure that the website can be navigated easily and has effective and proportionate use of images.
  • Follow the F pattern way of designing a website as normally people tend to read on the top and on the left side of the screen rather than the right side.
  • The website designs should be mobile friendly and easy to load.

While designing any product right from a mobile phone to a website one has to remember that it has to cater to the needs of the target audience. It should be as per the expectations of the target audience as a customer is the king.It is important that the customer gets a seamless experience only then the product will have repeat value.