Black hat SEO technique

We all know how SEO is important for crating our website on the top search list. Even many websites depends only on SEO techniques to get maximum reach for their websites. But one must be aware that there are two types of SEO-


  1. Black hat SEO
  2. White Hat SEO

While White hat SEO is very useful for making the website on the top searching list, the Black hat SEO technique is totally opposite of that! Black hat SEO uses some types of techniques, tactics that are totally against the search engine guidelines. Using black hat SEO can even ban your website from Google search engine.

Type of Black Hat SEO Techniques and way to avoid it

Keyword stuffing

Black hat SEO technique

Most of the website owners use keywords to get better search results, but it is also should be remembered that using too many keywords is not good for any websites.  Using too many keywords is a kind of Black hat SEO technique. To avoid this kind of stuffing one can use Keyword density checker. Instead of using same keywords again and again one can use Long tail Keywords (LSI) for getting more traffic on the websites.



Cloaking is another type of Black hat SEO technique which takes the user to an altogether different location. The user expects a website on his preference and clicks on that link, but cloaking takes him totally to a different page. The main aim of cloaking is to boost the search rank of the website but in this case the user gets deceived. If the user uses this technique again and again then Google may block the website forever.

Paid links

Many times we see that one particular page is filled with lots of side page links. It is also one of the way how search engine determines the rank of a particular website. For adding the side links on the user’s blog or websites, the user gets money. This is basically called as Paid links. Sometimes for getting paid for adding links, the user adds so many links that confuse the readers those who visit your blog to find a particular topic.

The problem is that when a user uses these types of paid links in their websites they can be permanently terminated from the Google search engine results. This affects Google’s quality and violates Google’s webmaster guidelines. And it is also very important to check if there is any that contains plagiarism. If it is so, then it also will be measured as black hat SEO technique.

For the purpose of checking the plagiarized content one can use the tool- plagiarism detector.

Spamming Comments

engaging content

Comments are very useful tools for engaging content. Comments can be general public that can also be from the audience those who are already following your websites and blogs. Comments not only increase the engagement but also sometimes it helps to gain more audience.

But it is also very important for the website owner to check the comments area and check it in regular basis. Spamming comments, unethical comments, links as comments can be harmful for the websites.

Web Rings

 interlinking the related websites

A web ringing, also known as ‘Webring’ is a technique of interlinking the related websites. It helps to connect the websites that has similar niches.  A moderator does the job of approving and adding each website to a webring.

But the problem is that webring destroys the website’s professional look and its smoothness. Even sometimes, the quality of the real website also depends on the other websites too and many times it reduces the worth of the content. So, it’s also a kind of black hat SEO technique.

Copied Content

Google search engine

Sometimes people just copy a few part of content from other websites, for making it look good, and sometimes it can be done unintentionally too. It destroys the uniqueness of the content. As a result, the website can be totally terminated from Google search engine results.

By using ‘plagiarism detector’ software one can avoid this kind of mistakes. So, Copying content, is another kind of black hat SEO technique.

Social Media Spam

Social Media Spam

Sometimes, we see that many users attach all the social media links that are totally irrelevant from their content of the websites. Basically the users try to promote their social media handles too with their content. But the problem is to some extent it gives spam signal to Google search engine and that could lead to the termination of the website.

Content Spinning


Sometimes the user use some types of automated online tools helps the users to rewrite some content that had already been used before. This software just rewrites the content that’s already available on other blogs or websites. As a result the uniqueness of the article seems missing and another problem is that it has plenty of errors, grammatical mistakes.

So, Google indentifies those grammatical mistakes and underrated content and it could be the result of termination of the website from Google search engine permanently.



It is one of the most popular black hat SEO techniques. It is the most talked problem in web. Some people (unethical hackers) hacks some popular websites or links of the contents so that their websites or pages can gain more hits temporarily. It creates lots of problem to the original website holders or users.

But whenever Google came to know about this activity they blacklist those fake sites and also it sometimes terminates those websites permanently from Google search engine.

Apart from all these there are also so many black hat SEO techniques some user uses for their websites. The user should know all about this and should be aware about its threats. SEO is a very powerful tool to gain popularity and hits on websites. User should always neglect those mentioned the techniques referred in the article for avoiding the termination of their websites from Google search engine results.