For any business with an online presence, its online reputation is highly critical. Whether the company’s brand prospers or suffers also depends on what the online community feels about it. Typically, the website’s reputation is based on a rating from the Web of Trust (WOT) community. This rating is an indicator of how much other users trust the website in question. In order to gain a good web reputation, follow the tips below.

Monitor site engagement

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This involves tracking what is said about your website online. Doing so allows you to exert some control over what is being said and enables you to respond if the need arises. Be proactive and respond to negative reviews so that you can offer solutions to counter the problems users might be facing with your website. You could also thank customers for positive feedback to show you appreciate their engagement with your website.

Have Presence in High-Ranking Sites

Kiev, Ukraine - December 8, 2011 - Google inc. has officially released brand new design of YouTube homepage in December 1, 2011. YouTube is a largest and most visited video-sharing website, has founded in February 14, 2005.

Many websites are held in high regard with search engines. Such websites include YouTube, Slideshare and Quora. These sites are known to be reputable and your website presence in these sites adds value to your reputation. Increase the quantity and quality of your content in these platforms.

Pay Attention to your Landing Page

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The landing page of your website is a starting point when building up your website reputation. A landing page is the first page a user sees when he clicks the URL on the search engine result or even a Pay per Click advertisement. This landing page enables the website to garner more traffic, and create a solid first impression.

Since the landing page is a good tool to build website reputation, engage the customer at this very page. There are many variations in terms of what you can include. Based on your specific needs, you can decide what you want to include on your landing page. An essential element however, is the headline. This should be attention grabbing and give information about the product or service being offered.

State your Privacy Policy


Reputation is directly correlated to privacy. Privacy policies usually aid in building trust among the visitors to the website. By having a clear and comprehensive privacy policy on your website, you are helping yourself building your online reputation. Through the privacy policy, users know how information about them would be used.

There are many elements which can help building your website reputation. Many of the strategies listed here are interrelated but highly effective.