With nearly two thirds of the world’s population hooked onto the internet, it would only be considered wise decision for a business to promote itself via an online website. However, many businesses make the mistake of simply creating a website and not maintaining it in the right way.

Your website’s reputation plays a key role in establishing the reputation of your business as well. With that in mind, here are some key pointers that would help boost the reputation of your website, and your business in the process.

  1. Create a clean, simplified and yet catchy look

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The first impression always counts. Hence, you need to create a layout that is impressive right from the start. The design you choose needs to be simple enough to understand and yet, stylish enough to capture the viewer’s attention. Don’t miss out on the visual cues that would be the first things a user will look for in your website in order to judge your credibility. This technique is recommended by the top 10 web design company.

  1. Provide Useful Information in an easy to understand format

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Don’t simply stuff your website with information and facts. Rather, focus on only those items that are in lieu with your business while ditching or hiding away the rest. Provide this content in a clean and easy to understand format. If you are in Portland, check out the best website designers in Portland which gives the most creative services. They avoid jargons and use a language that would connect with the majority of your users.

  1. Offer easy navigability and accessibility features

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A website that takes too long to download will most definitely be ignored. So ensure that your website can be downloaded and viewed easily to a wide target audience instead of only the ones who have high speed internet access. Also make it a point to offer easy navigation options on the website so that users can easily find what they are searching for.

  1. Make search engines your friends

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Keep your website search engine optimized. This way, you can ensure that your website pops up among the top 5 websites whenever someone searches something relevant to your business. Invest in a good quality SEO tool to accomplish this and enjoy the improved reputation your website gets almost instantly.

  1. Create and maintain social media profiles

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Social media sites can boost your website’s reputation to a great extent. Create and maintain active accounts in these sites. Monitor your website’s reputation by searching for it online and garnering the reviews made by visitors. You can choose to do this alone with the help of tools like Google Alerts and Social Mention, or get in touch with a reputation management company for the same purpose.

Your website’s reputation will affect the reputation of your business as well. So make it a point to boost your website’s reputation with these simple and easy to follow tips.