More often than not, we are asked to focus on our work and do our best rather than compare our efforts with those of our competitors. However, in today’s world, it is considered necessary to keep abreast of the competition by analyzing our competitor’s work. This holds especially true in the case of websites.

In doing so, one would be able to get new ideas and tips that would help promote his/her own website. So here are some tips that would be of help in tracking the progress of competitor websites and using this information to gain an advantage over them.

The need for a competitive SEO audit

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With SEO paving the way for website reputation these days, one would need to go for a detailed competitive SEO audit from time to time. This would help determine his/her website’s current stand in the market. It would also indicate the extra work that needs to be put in, in order to gain traction on the competitors.

5 Tips to track and gain advantage of competitor websites

So here are 5 tips that would be of help in tracking and analyzing competitor websites.

  1. Tracking approach to customer acquisition

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Understanding how the competitor acquires its customers would help one promote his/her website in a similar manner. Some things that would need to be tracked in this category include response to clients, social media engagement and self-promotion. These tactics, if utilized properly, can help lure more customers to one’s website.

  1. Tracking keyword prioritization

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Keyword prioritization is considered very important when it comes attracting more customers to a website. Checking in on the competitor’s keyword prioritization techniques can help one develop ideas and tips to boost one’s own techniques in order to beat the rivals at their own game.

  1. Tracking email marketing management

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Email marketing offers a very high ROI for any business. One can subscribe to competitor’s websites and get important details from the received mails. These include the frequency of emails received, content quality, sender score and mobile optimization, etc.

  1. Tracking online reputation

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It is considered imperative to monitor competitor’s website reputation as well as their visibility on prominent search engines. Tools like OpenSiteExplorer and MajesticSEO also offer to provide these comparisons in the form of attractive, customizable reports.

  1. Tracking unknown variables

Identify potential competitors

It is also considered wise to discover other, alternate areas in which competitors are doing well. Anything from service gaps to untapped audience sections can be considered plausible if they are bolstering the competitor’s website. Noting these would help one use the same tactics on his/her website, thus boosting its reputation.

Boosting the reputation of a website depends to an extent, on competitor’s websites as well. By tracking the progress of rival websites, one can help increase the reputation of one’s own website.